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Weldcraft Pvt Ltd.
33B,2nd Phase,
Peenya Industrial Area,
Mob: 93412 61762, 93435 19252

  R & D:

  1. Koldweld Ultiwear: Multi-complex carbide electrode of 68 RC on single RC on single layer deposit.
  2. Koldweld CTHD and ST-147: Developed for hardfacing of converter tap hole drills used for tapping molten metal.
  3. Maxima V : For vertical-down welding. This is tested and approved by Clayton Walker Gas holders (U.K).
  4. Koldweld FD – 40: Developed for DIW 2712 die (shallow and deep) in the hot forging industry.
  5. Koldweld CW-4: Developed for H11 dies in the forging industry
  6. Dual coated electrodes: These electrodes have 2 layers of flux coatings
    – The inner coating consisting of weld metal purifiers and the outer coating consists of gas and slag former.
    – This is ideal for vertical-down welding in heavy section and high stress points. It gives a radiographic slagless deposit in the root run.
  7. Koldweld CI-28 MTCT: Joining Hardfacing/Cast Iron parts subject to wear.
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