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Weldcraft Pvt Ltd.
33B,2nd Phase,
Peenya Industrial Area,
Mob: 93412 61762, 93435 19252
Email: sales@weldcraftindia.com

Welding Training Institute (WTI):

          Welding Training institute ( A division of Weldcraft) – Offers welder qualification services where welders are certified by reputed third parties. This institute also conducts certificate based training programmes for welders.

          Our training outlet provides training to operators, foreman and middle management staff of fabrication industry to achieve SOUND WELDS.

          We also conduct welder qualification and procedure qualification tests confirming to AWS – ASME Sec IX, as per IBR regulation 1950. We also take up testing of metals and welding consumables.

          Over and above this we conduct on-site tailor made training programs for the industry.

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